The benefits of kinder last a lifetime. Kinder kids enjoy a happier school transition and do better academically. They are also more likely to finish year 12 and enjoy better income as adults.

If the Federal government cuts their current funding, families would on average need to find an extra $2,000 per child per year.  For many children this will mean they will simply miss out on valuable early childhood education.

About the campaign

Since 2013, Australia’s federal, state and territory governments have agreed to jointly fund kinder for all Australian 4-year-olds. The federal government contributes around one-third of total funding.

As a result of this national agreement, enrollments have improved and almost all 4-year-old children are now enrolled in 15 or more hours of kindergarten per week.

If the Federal government cuts their current funding, families would on average need to find an extra $2,000* per child per year to cover that cost.  For many children this will mean they will simply miss out on valuable early childhood education.

On 3 October 2018, the Federal Labor Party pledged to continue ongoing federal funding for four-year-old kindergarten, if elected.

The I Love Kinder campaign is calling on the federal coalition to match this commitment on an ongoing basis so that parents can have confidence that their children will get the education they need and deserve.

Please support the campaign by signing the petition, liking us on Facebook, and sharing the campaign with your friends on Instagram and Twitter with #ilovekinder.

Let's show Mr Morrison just how much we love kinder.

For further information on the I Love Kinder campaign see our Background Briefing.

*The average of around $2,000 per child per year is based on the average of the following two costs:
1. Parents having to cover the loss of the National Partnership Agreement funding of $870 million over two years, which, with an annual number of 4 and 5 year old children in preschool (whether government or not) is around 371,000 (based on the 2017 figures). This amounts to $1,165 per child per year.
2. The cost of transferring to childcare to accommodate their child. Childcare costs up to an estimated $75 for 5 hours, so over 42 weeks that’s $3,150 per year.

What You Can Do

We urgently need to let the Federal Coalition know how much we love kinder and ask them to stop the cuts to federal kindergarten funding.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign the petition. (We’ll also send you the latest campaign updates on email.)
  • Like I Love Kinder on Facebook and share posts with your friends
  • Share the campaign’s posts on Instagram and Twitter with your friends and family and encourage them to lend their support.

We’re looking for councils, kindergartens and other organisations to lend their support too. We’re also looking for local champions to help build community support. If this is you, please download the campaign kit from our resources page.

You can also get in touch with the campaign team at and let us know that you would love to help.

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Campaign resources

We would love councils, kindergartens and other organisations across Australia to help send the federal government a strong, clear message that taking money from our kinders is not okay.

We've prepared a campaign kit for organisations that would like to support the campaign. It includes a guide to campaign activities, social media guide and a background briefing with links to detailed research papers.

Fill out the below form to get access to Campaign Kit, or scroll down to download ‘Have a Heart’ posters and Pledge Cards. (Artwork also available for professional printing, contact the team at



Pledge Card - I Love Kinder Because...

Community leaders can use these pledge cards to publicise their support. Download the A5 pledge cards, fill it in and take a photo of your group. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – but don’t forget the #ilovekinder hashtag!



heart poster

If you’re planning a Have a Heart Party, download these A3 posters for children and parents to illus- trate why they love kinder. Then collect and scan them, and send them to au. We’ll upload the posters to our Heart Gallery.